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Leave the hassle of holiday lights to MML.

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We offer a premium installation, maintenance, removal and storage of holiday & event lights. Come with your creatativiy and ideas and we will make them happen. There is no presentation or idea or color scheme that we can not put together and install for you. 

Every light line and wire ran for electrical is customized to spec for each house (no extra light lines hanging anywhere and  power source wires can be almost completely hidden).

*The price is all inclusive.  We provide and install the lights, remove them after the holiday season and store them at our warehouse. Any maintenance needed during season is included and we supply the lights with a timer so, you never have to worry about turning them on/off (customer can choose timing)

*C9 & C7 Bulbs used are commercial grade LED SMDs (surface mounted diodes) which, is the newest technology available (Came out in 2018). Previous LEDs would give off a different hue and brightness depending on the angle you were looking at them. SMDs eliminate this issue and give a constant, bright light from any angle.

*The 5MM Mini Conical LEDs used for wraps, trees, bushes, etc. are commercial grade, one piece mold lights that are very bright. With the one piece mold, we can’t exchange out bulbs. If ever an issue, we swap out the entire strand. This mean every strand on your house has a consistent color, dim factor, etc.

*The clips we use for gutter/roof line are Tuff Clips®, which are extremely durable and the bulb actually screws into the clip. This makes all the lights hang straight & even, making for a much more professional presentation and won’t leave any clips up on gutter/roof when it comes time for take down.

*We are CLIPA certified (Christmas Lights Installation Pro Association) and all installers have extensive training.